Home Schooling with Grace

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The purpose of Grace Home School Association is to offer an option, as stated in the SC Code of Laws (59-65-47), to those who desire to educate their children unencumbered by unnecessary restrictions, requirements, and expense.

Grace is a legal, alternate source of approval for home schooling parents.

Established in 1990 as an organization to coordinate and establish academic standards and to provide support services for home schools and private schools.

(Private school status should be attained if you plan to teach children other than your own. Grace accredits many private and alternative private school programs across the state.)

We believe it is a constitutional right and a command by God to be responsible for the education of your children. (Deut. 6:6,7; 2 Tim. 3:15)

We want your children's education to be a positive experience for both parent and child. Our goal is for you and your children to be successful. We are here for support, encouragement, accountability, and advice.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Legal establishment of your home school.
  2. Testing not required.
  3. No daily time requirements, flexibility in determining school calendar.
  4. Membership pack with Certification of Membership and an Attendance Form to return to Grace.
  5. Legislative information.
  6. Friendly personal office staff prepared to answer your questions during regular office hours, in person, via phone or email.
  7. Heartwarming graduation ceremony (diplomas available too).
  8. GRACE Plus is available for those wanting more accountability and recordkeeping service. Annual cost for this service is: Grades K-12 $40
  9. Transcript service available for high school students and one-time transcripts available for students returning to conventional schools.
  10. Letters to DMV, tech schools, colleges as required.
  11. Verifications of homeschooling to DSS, DJJ, IRS, SSA, military, and others as requested.
  12. Bookstore to buy and sell curricula.
  13. We are here for YOU!

All memberships expire on June 30.

Grace is governed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.


To become and remain a GRACE member, you must do the following:

Senior Policy: A late fee of $25 is required for all seniors joining GRACE after September 30. Seniors will not be accepted after January 31 of their graduation year.