Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach children other than my own?

No, not legally. You can start a private school and teach other's children. To learn more about this, see Grace Association of Private Schools.

How do I get started? Where do I start?

With Grace! Grace is your accountability association. Submit the membership application, get your books, and start teaching your children at home. We are here to answer your questions as they arise.

How do you keep members informed of late breaking news?

"Like" us at Grace School Association on Facebook to get the latest updates.

What about record keeping?

After joining GRACE, you will need to plan a course of study for each student and purchase the material (books) necessary to implement your plan. You will need to keep a written record indicating subjects taught and activities in which the students engage. Individualized documentation of the student's academic progress in these subject area - math, science, social studies, reading or literature, writing or composition is necessary and required. Keep up an attendance record daily. We supply these, in this package and online. Create a semi-annual progress report for each student. The academic record has a place to record grades in the elementary years on one side and high school on the other. Drawing a slash through the box on the elementary side will allow room for a semi annual progress report for grades K-8. Do not send this form to GRACE. It is for YOUR records. In addition you can also sign up for Grace + This service issues a quarterly report card and we keep all the records you want us to keep, indefinately. For high schoolers, their transcript is included! You supply the information with the easy to fill out forms we provide, then we do the work! Cost for GRACE PLUS Grades K-12 is $40.00 annually.

What about testing?

Grace does not require testing of any kind. We do recommend testing every two or three years. Testing gives the teacher confidence that what they are doing is right. Please keep in mind some children do not test well. If you are interested in testing, you can call the following resources: BJUP offers Stanford and Iowa Basic Skills. You must use a BJU certified tester. For a tester in your area, call BJUP or test with us. Cost of average test is $50.00 - $60.00. You can order California Achievement Test (CAT/5) and give it yourself. Return test for scoring. Cost is approximately $25.00. 540-636-9990 Seton Home Study. The Wide Range Achievement Test has been around for over 60 years and is still used in public schools. I like it because you can do spelling, math, and reading in 45 minutes to an hour. All ages. 1-800-700-LFBC. The PASS is available from Hewitt Educational Resources 360-835-8708. GRACE Resource Center offers the WRAT and IOWA testing. Our school code for SAT, ACT, and PSAT is 411361.

Where can I buy books?

At our Resource Center we carry a full line of Saxon math books, and a large array of used books as well!